Sincere thanks

We would like to sincerely thank the people who have shared their stories with the HumanKind project team and made this resource possible. Every day they live with a chronic illness or support loved ones living with chronic illness.

Relationships Australia Project Team

Alison Brooks; Sam Robinson; Monique Hauber-Davidson; Daniel Schlumpp

Humankind Project Team

Judith Cross; Claire Ralfs; Sam Robinson; Naomi Ebert Smith; Deanna Rohrsheim; Jamie Lee; Kristen Hamill; Cassandra Eddington (Creative Design); Sian Halliday-Wynes

Professional Participation

We would like to thank and acknowledge the following people who gave their time and expertise to help produce this training package. In alphabetical order:

  • Dr Rebecca Gray PhD, Relationships Australia NSW
  • Cathi Healy, Relationships Australia SA
  • Dr Toby Newton-John, University of Technology, Sydney
  • Peter Roberts, Relationships Australia VIC
  • Jeanette Stott, Relationships Australia SA
  • Emma Williams, Relationships Australia SA

Research – Literature Review

Dr Rebecca Gray PhD, Australian Institute for Relationship Studies, a division of Relationships Australia NSW

Video production

Production team: David Belperio, iPixelMedia; Deanna Rohrsheim; Kristen Hamill; Naomi Ebert Smith (Relationships Australia SA)

Actors: Patrick Frost; Rosemary Jackson

Professional Commentary: Dr Toby Newton-John, University of Technology, Sydney

Shot on location at Queenstown, South Australia: thanks to Jan Rohrsheim and her neighbour for the use of their house and verandah.

Project Finances

Adam Green; Sandra Shultz; Jill Schenck

Health Access Grant

This project received a Health Access Grant from Medtronic Philanthropy.