Someone I love has a chronic illness

Being close to someone who lives with a chronic illness can, at times, be hard.  Do you ever wonder if you are being a help or hindrance?  Perhaps you feel worn out.  These feelings are common.

Relationships are often overlooked in dealing with chronic illness.  Research suggests taking a proactive approach to improving relationship health can have positive health outcomes for people living with chronic illness and their loved ones.

Expert commentary – Dr Toby Newton-John, Clinical Psychologist and Senior Lecturer, University of Technology, Sydney

In this video, Dr Toby Newton-John, Clinical Psychologist shares his practice wisdom and offers practical strategies for addressing relationship health when working with people living with chronic illness.

Jack’s story – Learning to accept the things you can’t change

Jack, in his early 60’s, is in a long term relationship with Liz, who has been living with chronic illness for the past 10 years.   In this video Jack shares how relationship counselling encouraged him to open up and communicate in ways that keep their relationship strong.

Tip Sheet: Someone I Love Has a Chronic Illness

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